Sacramento is considering a new bill to make it tougher to not get a vaccination. Basically this new bill would say that doctors could not give exemptions to vaccines without going through a review by bureaucrats in Sacramento. The issue here is really power of choice on getting vaccines.  Should we have power of choice or should there be permanent  martial law enforcing vaccination? 

The problem is that vaccines have known side effects but you must get them supposedly to save the rest of us from disease. The drug companies would like you to think that vaccines have been scientifically proven to protect our health. They have never scientifically shown that the benefits of vaccines outweigh the side effects. For example most vaccines contain a cow protein that has shown to appear in a certain kind of kidney disease. What other side effects might be associated with vaccines? Vaccines have probably been shown to reduce the incidence of various diseases but these diseases were not necessarily considered dangerous to begin with. Chicken Pox is an example. The federal government defines vaccines as UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE. Does that sound safe to you? Vaccine companies got the federal government to make them immune to law suits for the side effects of vaccines. Billions of dollars of tax payer money was set aside to pay for these side effects. Does that sound safe? This occurred in 1986 and drug companies have greatly increased the development of vaccines and have pushed through state governments to make them mandatory. What a sweet deal for them. The drug companies have produced many other drugs for which they have been sued for billions due to the awful side effects. Does this sound safe? So you are supposed to believe that vaccines are safe because the same companies that have produced these awful drugs produce vaccines. Where is the trust and sense of safety here?

Vaccines probably do reduce the incidence of the diseases with which we are familiar. There are also side effects that could be worse than the disease. Obviously the drug companies were afraid of law suits in 1986 due to side effects vaccines caused then. Government was afraid of diseases so gave the drug companies a special deal called "free from liability". Do you know other large or small companies that are free from liability? Well the underworld is free from liability because they are hidden. The drug companies have been given carte blanche.

Adolph Hitler rose to power promising to get rid of non-Aryans and others through eugenics which is mercy killing. He was going to create a superior healthier race. Look where that fiasco ended. Does enforced vaccination, which will supposedly produce a healthier race, sound a bit too familiar with the world of HItler? 

Various other states have turned down mandatory vaccination on the power of choice idea. Oregon and Nevada are such states. Texas has also turned this down. By the way Texas is a far more productive state than California when you look at the economy per person statistics. Perhaps the once great state of California is not what it once was. Perhaps we are devolving as Germany once did. Please support a world where you have some power of choice in the area of vaccines.


Dr. Mike Spearman

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