Voices In Your Head Or "Demons" Talking

While it may be very true that a person my have mental machinery causing voices in the head it is also true that certain nutrients can minimize or eliminate these voices. Various conditions Psychiatry treats with drugs are actually nutritional deficiencies. Your brain and nervous system like any other organ in the body responds to nutrition. It is sort of a travesty that nutritional outnesses are treated with poisons (drugs) instead of nutrition at least initially. Additionally these people will have their upper necks needing adjustments. When the upper neck is tense, tight and fixated nerves from this area have to do with sensation of the head and face. Secondly nerves coming up from lower down in the upper back pass through the upper neck into the head. When the upper neck is tight these nerves can be negatively affected. these nerves affect ear and eye function. So adjustment of the upper neck often helps calm down the nerve noise to to head on the surface and internally.

We recently had a patient in his mid 20s who was depressed and had voices in his head. He had lost his job 3 years earlier and was living at home. I asked if losing his job led to the depression. He said no but that he had hurt his low back a year before this and he got depressed after this. On the first visit he got a full spine and hip area adjustment and several supplements. A week later when he returned, he felt better. He had less depression but he was most concerned with the voices in his head. He was taking Atavan for these voices. He got a couple more supplements and another full spine adjustment and in a week his voices went away. 

Similar chiropractic treatment with nutrition helped get a girl off periodic use of speed. This person was manic on the speed and would sleep all day when she got off the drug. Manic and depressive is the picture. The supplements and adjustments quickly smoothed things out for her within a week. Of course both of these people were in safe environments where those around them wanted them to recover and be off the drugs. 

Dr. Mike Spearman

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