Just the other day I sent out a short article on vaccination. The first paragraph was left out. The reason I wrote the article in the first place was covered in this first paragraph. So here is this omitted information and a rewrite of the article. 

I heard on a YouTube video recently where a British official (the UK’s chief science advisor, Sir Patrick Vallance) reported that 40% of people entering the hospital in Britain for Covid 19-related complaints were already vaccinated for Covid 19. Assuming this statistic is accurate this leads me and hopefully you to conclude that the vaccine needs help as it appears to be about 60% effective. Now this 60% is an improvement over the un-vaccinated coming down with covid resulting in hospitalization. However, it is a long way short of bringing a sense of full security.

As a holistic doctor I see health in a different light and from a different viewpoint than the orthodox view promulgated by the drug industry and government which backs their view. This does not say that their view is bad or wrong but just incomplete. The above 40% hospitalization rate of vaccinated is the statistic I am using as the stable datum for this article. So how do we improve the 60% effective rate of the vaccine. The answer is simple which is to increase the immunity of the individual. To do this would cost about $50 dollars and would I estimate be effective for a year. By effective I would say that if a person does get ill his/her need to be hospitalized would not be needed. One hospitalization costs tens of thousands of dollars so you can see that hundreds of people could be proofed up for the cost of one hospitalization. Further this building up of the immune system would minimize all diseases not just one as in a vaccine.

Immunity is the inborn and acquired ability of your body to withstand and fight off disease. A strong immune system should be the primary goal of any healthcare system. As I said above the cost is about $50 dollars a year to revitalize and maintain a persons' system with key supplements on average. On the other hand, a vaccine is an attempt to fight off one disease. What the costs per person of this are I can only guess. What does each vaccine shot and its delivery cost us would give a fairly accurate answer wouldn't you agree?

I only ask you to consider what I have presented here and its merits.


Dr. Mike Spearman

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