I am sending you a video from a well known medical doctor regarding the dangers and unfortunately the EVIL associated with the new covid-19 vaccine. Regardless of your current position on vaccines it would be very foolish of you to not listen to this video. Your future health and well being to one degree or another depends on it. Many millions of people and perhaps a few billion people will get this vaccine when it comes out. Will you be in that group or in the group that walks away. FREEDOM, believe it or not is at stake. You probably think that is extreme of me to say this, but it is the actual truth.

A famous chiropractor once said a cute line to me and everyone else in the audience, and that line was "Wake up and smell the coffee." I had no idea what he really meant at the time but I was curious as to why he said this. Years later I was glad I woke up and smelled the coffee. Of course coffee is just an analogy to many health benefits I was able to personally reap and to the thousands of others I have been able to pass on health benefits to.

When the MMR measles vaccine was mandated in California a year or two ago the California Chiropractic Association, of which I am a member, came out with an official position on vaccines which it forwards to its members and all chiropractors in California as well as to the legislature in California. That position is that vaccination should be available or not based on the individual choice of those involved. There are about ten thousand chiropractors in California and about 20 to 25 % of them are members of the Association. I seriously doubt that all chiropractors have this view but most of them do and we are all highly trained in the function of the human body and we are licensed by the state and have to maintain continuing education yearly and renew our licenses yearly. So you have several thousand doctors here in California who are on your side with regard to vaccination. There are more and more medical doctors, nurses and other health care providers who have this same view.

So, watch this video by Dr. Christian Northrup on the subject of the new covid-19 vaccine.

Watch This Video - What We Know About The Covid Vaccine


Dr. Mike Spearman

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