The Coronavirus and Other Illnesses


The media has raised your awareness of the coronavirus. Let's face it the flu is one of the most virulent diseases man faces. The problem with the flu is it is always changing. The coronavirus is the latest version. Yes people will die from the flu. It happens every year and thousands of people die even in a mild year. The people who die are usually not particularly healthy to begin with due to diet, life style, age or other predisposing factors. If you feel run down then it would be wise to take some actions to improve your health. 

In my office we have some amazing supplements in the area of immunity. One of these is Echinacea Premium from Mediherb. It is fabulously potent. Most echinacea products are more or less worthless for various reasons which I will not cover here. However, there is a simple test anyone can do to check potency and that test is to chew or dissolve the supplement in your mouth. You should get a strong tingling sensation throughout your mouth that lasts several minutes. I bought a $20 supplement at Whole Foods. I got a very slight sensation so there was a tiny bit of the active ingredient. The MediHerb product was about 100 times the sensation so about 100 times more of the active immune enhancing ingredient was in it. In the US there is no standard for herb quality meaning efficacy or potency other than cleanliness of manufacturing process. Echinacea is an immune booster and balancer.

People’s immune systems sometimes get run down. This happens especially after a good case of the flu or a bad injury or slowly over time. We use the Standard Process supplement Immuplex to rebuild the immune system. Dig that people used to live much shorter lives than we live today. So all these supplements rebuild a tired, depleted system. In this way we can live longer and enjoy our lives more despite having to overcome health obstacles.

Acute infections can be addressed with Congaplex and sometimes Andrographis Complex which contains echinacea premium. Garlic can be helpful for many people too. We sell garlic capsules.The trick to acute infections is to jump all over them with supplements within a few hours of the moment you get an inkling you might be coming down with something. Why? There is a good chance if you address the infection quickly enough it never takes hold. Once the infection actually gets established the immune system moves into a full response called an immune cascade which is a series of biochemical steps that take place. Prevention is easier than trying to fix something.

In general a healthy person will stand up to infections much better than the not so healthy person. Most of us recognize this.  

Stay healthy.


Dr. Mike Spearman

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