No one has total success with health at least not forever. However, greater health than you are now experiencing is always possible. Recall the last time you had a significant cut or bruise. It healed, didn't it. Minor conditions recover fast and long term conditions take more time. I want to list for you areas where I have been successful in assisting others. Successful here means a range from improvement to complete recovery.

I have been successful usually with musculoskeletal complaints all over the body.This would include foot and ankle pain, knee, thigh and hip pain including sciatica, Low back, mid and upper back, rib, neck and head pain, face, jaw, chest and groin pain all tend to resolve sooner or later. Your body has 209 bones and 660 muscles and any and all of these can cause pain and discomfort and all can be resolved or lessened in intensity.

What about gland and organ problems? While I would never claim to cure cancer. Supplement and diet address can do much in the elimination and non-recurrence of cancer, or to keep a person doing ok while undergoing cancer therapy, which can be very hard on the body even when it is successful. I have helped people feel better and stay better who have had cancer. Most people can benefit but should see regular medical people, too, in addressing cancer.

Heart and artery disease responds well to supplement and diet. Practically everyone improves with heart conditions, but it can take time as it took a long time for the body to develop heart disease. Heart disease can be improved with certain surgeries and heart defects are not uncommon even in children. Medicine does not think that heart conditions can be reversed without drugs and surgery. Sometimes this is true and sometimes not. I had one patient who was told open heart surgery in 6 months or she could die. Fifteen years later, no surgery, and she fully recovered from her condition. Despite all their fancy tests, when retested a year later and the condition was gone,  the doctors decided they had wrongly diagnosed her as it was impossible for such a condition to resolve in their professional views. Heart conditions that can be resolved are high and low blood pressure, arrhythmias and even fibrillation can be resolved or reduced greatly; angina, bundle branch block, congestive heart failure, hardening of the arteries and cleaning up the blood so stroke is less likely. I have seen all of these resolved completely sometimes very quickly, sometimes over time. High blood pressure sometimes takes time and all of these take at least 3 or more months of continual supplement address. 

Memory failure is often improved significantly, dementia and Alzheimer’s can be kept at bay if you do not wait but address in the earlier stages. Concussions of a mild nature should be addressed and are easy to address. Chronic stressed can be addressed with supplements, special reflex handling and addressing the life situations. Interestingly a person can become chronically stressed even though life situations are no longer present and this chronic stress can be erased in minutes. I have done this several times with people and it is Magic. Endocrine problems can be successfully addressed and I have on many occasions. Female menstrual cycles, thyroid problems, and stressed adrenal glands are common. In older people sexual dysfunction is common. Other glands are in the head, specifically the pituitary and the hypothalmus glands. These are usually easy to address with supplements and special rehabilitation of certain reflexes as needed. The endocrine system often has to be balanced so this takes more time. It is generally doable. Thyroid problems especially low thyroid are fairly easy to address though need for iodine is rarely the problem at least here in coastal California. Liver and gall bladder problems are common and resolve quickly or not so quickly. Discomfort around the right rib cage where it meets the abdomen is a common area of discomfort though pain between the shoulder blades is another. Stomach problems can be mechanical or can resolve with supplements. Many people do not produce enough hydrochloric acid and this is easily resolved. 

span class="Apple-converted-space">  We are usually successful at fatigue and low energy though if the condition is chronic of long duration then count on a long recovery period as there are probably many nutritional, reflex and joint troubles all adding up to the fatigue. Other times a supplement or 2 is remarkable in benefit.

When I first started doing nutritional address 25 years ago I was daunted by how complex the human body could be. To resolve this for myself I had to get a grip on what I was dealing with. What I came up with was an analogy of similar difficulty and that similarity is a giant corporation with many different functions and interconnections and management, customers, etc. That is what you and I are dealing with and we are aiming to make that corporation work as smoothly, and effectively as possible. It is a challenge.

Let me just list other conditions: high cholesterol, cold extremities, get sick too often or trouble getting well, chronic coughs, muscle cramps (and this can be simple or have half a dozen or more causes), kidney and bladder dysfunction for infection, nightmares, dental problems, detoxification, diabetes which responds well but you have to keep at it and correct the diet, dizziness, edema of the ankles, emphysema (and this can be corrected in many cases contrary to the consensus of medical opinion), endometriosis though this will take time but I have seen complete resolution on one lady, glaucoma (we have had some benefit though probably very tough to resolve completely), gout, bad breath, stuffy closed sinuses, healing troubles of any condition, herpes zoster and other forms, insomnia, weak ligaments, painful breasts, mental depression, integrity of the nails, tingling extremities and other nerve pains, nervous strain, muscle atrophy of aging which starts to show about age 50, pain from general inflammation, enlarged prostate, intestinal worms and candida infections. We are very effective with candida not requiring continual management.

A lot of our success is the very high quality of supplements as most of us, despite plenty of food, are malnourished to one degree or another. This may not make sense to you but it is true and there are stacks of books on the subject regularly being written. There are a lot of specific things to know for example in effectively getting rid of candida and other conditions. My success is because I use a lot of knowledge and skill learned from the greats in the field of natural health.


Dr. Mike Spearman

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