Success Stories



"A couple of years ago I had slipped on the last stair of my mother-in-law's staircase and ended up with lower back pain ever since. I saw a chiropractor in Toronto who temporarily relieved my lower back pain after several visits, however, I was never really fully relieved of the pain. Recently the pain came back and was in full force. I was barely able to sit or bend down to pick up my two-year old without being in excruciating pain. My wife had found Dr. Mike Spearman online and he was able to fit me in immediately due to my circumstances and the pain that I was in.

When I arrived I was greeted with very pleasant staff and was seen by Dr. Spearman right away. I could barely lie down on the table. As Mike worked on me he was explaining in detail what he was doing and why. He was explaining a muscle resistance technique that he was performing on me which was amazing. When he finished I sprang up from the table as if I were a new man! Not only did he fix my lower back but he realigned places in my body that I didn't even know were out.

I can't remember the last time that I felt this good. While I was there I had mentioned to him about nose surgery that I was going to have done. For the past 20 or so years I haven't been able to breathe through my left nostril due to a deviated septum. Dr. Spearman performed a couple of techniques on me and once he was finished I was able to breathe through my left nostril for the first time in 20 years! All I can say is Dr. Spearman is amazing and I highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much, Mike! Oh! Did I mention that all of this was performed in a one hour visit?"



"I have been a patient of Mike's for over 15 years, and he always diagnoses me correctly and finds the correct supplements for me.

A few months ago I had a horrible problem with little bumps all over that itched like crazy, and they weren't from bugs. I just couldn't stand it, and the itching often turned to bleeding, and kept me up at night. I tried a treatment that didn't get rid of the situation. So I came to Mike and he found that I had parasites that were most likely causing this. He gave me specific supplements with directions on how to take them, and within weeks the problem was gone! This had gone on for months, and I was at a loss. But now I feel normal again.

Mike primarily uses Standard Process supplements and he always knows which ones to recommend.

There have been other body issues over the years that have plagued me to varying degrees, and Mike has helped me to handle them when they come up. This includes times when I needed chiropractic adjustments too.

I am very grateful for Mike's care and expertise in the area of Nutrition and Chiropractic.

Thank you!"



In the past 25 years I have been fortunate to give approximately 50 thousand chiropractic adjustments. The routine is less pain or pain resolved, less fatigue and/or better overall body function. It is simple: chiropractic adjusting reduces stress on your nerves and your nerves run your body. I and other chiropractors have said this a million times so one more time will not insult your intelligence much more. This statement is so simple that people often have trouble believing it. When a nerve gets irritated there is trouble for the body short or long term. An irritated nerve even if you do not feel it creates degeneration in your body slowly or quickly. Regular visits to get an adjustment reduces and eliminates nerve irritation. Every now and again there are remarkable stories as the result of chiropractic adjusting. 

Here is a recent story to demonstrate the magic of chiropractic. I have 2 patients who are married and the husband I have been seeing for about 10 years and his wife for 4 or 5 years. The two became parents a year and a half ago. Things went well for baby except she did not start walking even a few months after expected. Mom and dad bring her in, and here is the success story dad wrote for me:

"My daughter Remi was definitely slow to crawl, and slow to walk. Not by pediatricians terms, but comparatively with other children. I personally have a history of major foot issues in my family which has always been a concern of mine when having children.

When Remi was crawling we noticed she was constantly tugging on her left foot and being fussy. We took her to Dr. Spearman and he did a minor adjustment on her foot and spine. It seemed dramatic since no child likes anyone tugging on their foot... but he was very careful. The next day she stopped pulling on her foot and started crawling much much more.

The same happened recently when she started walking. Late again, grabbing her foot, being frustrated, and my wife noticed her leg being less strong when balancing. We brought her in again, and with a couple more similar adjustments she was literally walking over 7 steps two days later. She is now walking across the house perfectly normally 2 weeks later and strong for her age with no fussiness.

Dr. Spearman has been unbelievably integral in the maintenance of good health for my entire family, including my little one." JB

It is always a pleasure to see a dramatic change for the better.


Dr. Mike Spearman

"It was one of those rainy LA mornings. I was walking across slipping-when-wet tiles and my left heel slid in front of me while my right went back and I landed on my 70-year-old butt. I got up and my right ankle was sore. As the day progressed, the ankle swelled until I had to use a wheelchair to get home due to pain. I did the relax-ice-compress-elevate thing and hobbled for a day. Then I hobbled to Dr. Spearman. He found I had wrenched my back and did whatever mysterious and magical adjustments he does. When I got up from the table, my ankle pain was gone and I walked home normally. No re-occurance of pain in the week since.  Thank you!" 

Lydia is a patient of Dr. Spearman who was successfully treated for a thyroid condition.

Musician/songwriter Daniel Tannenbaum's success story on complete recovery from a long term back problem

Singer-songwriter/Author Harriet Schock talks about focusing on wellness via chiropractic

One Last Chance...

Since 2001, I had low back pain and had tried one chiropractor and one applied kinesiologist chiropractor.  I ran out of money and insurance and so just gave up in March 2003 and quit going.  By summer 2003 I found myself crying one morning as I was trying to do home exercises for my back, a special method, to no relief.  I thought my decade long quest in a professional activity would be dispelled due to low back pain and inability to sit for one hour or more!  I was in grief, crying to myself-and I never do that!  Dr. Spearman cured this chronic pain in 12 visits in August 2003.  I feel like the CORE PROBLEM in my lower back is now handled!!  I can now pursue my professional desire and sit for two plus hours as a counselor with confidence!  Thanks for your interest and research in the particularities of the lower back, Dr. Spearman!


Debbie Young was very overweight and afflicted with so many maladies it was suggested she go to the Mayo Clinic. Instead, she came to Dr. Mike Spearman. He treated her with adjustments, supplements and incorporated the use of muscle testing.  Now, she is the picture of health and lost over 100 lbs.

Genetic Defect...

This body of mine came with a genetic defect that under allopathic (medical doctor) care would have included surgery, spinal fusion, and their complications.  I decided to journey the alternative therapy routes that included chiropractic care.

I’ve tried many therapies both alternative and conventional and thus far, the traditional manual chiropractic adjustment approach has provided the most favorable long-term results for me.
Due to the unpredictability of the condition and the pain that accompanied it, for many years I carried x-rays with me wherever I went.  After more than 20 years of treatments/adjustments, exercises and nutrition, I was able to leave the x-rays behind.  The following 10 years I was almost pain free, with the exception of weakness and discomfort in the L5/L6 area, and an annoying low grade pain in my right hip.
After only a few treatments in early 2003 with Dr. Spearman my hip pain subsided, and has not returned.  That’s been over 9 months ago!  Unbelievable---no hip pain!!!  Dr. Spearman found the “Why” and I’m very grateful!!!

I have been literally to hundreds of chiropractors across the United States over the years, and Dr. Spearman is right up there at the top.  What I experienced is his passion for his work, his interest in the well being of his patients, and his, and his diligent research performed with wisdom, perseverance, and intelligence.  He’s continually enhancing his abilities as a comprehensive physician in the healing arts.
I’m so excited!  My hip is totally fixed.  As you gave me the adjustment a week ago for my hip being out of place slightly for several months, I didn’t really think you could do much about it since it was so chronic.  You were confident and I went along with it, just to try it.
Today I went to the gym and did my stretches, as usual and could stretch my leg that I had not been able to do without pain or discomfort for months and had stopped stretching it much due to not wanting to aggravate it.

Again, since it was so chronic I didn’t think an adjustment would do much or if it would that it would maintain itself. A week later my hip is perfect!!

Additionally, I increased your recommended nutrients back up to 3 tabs a day.  I had dropped down to 1 a day and didn’t feel so good as I should.  I had been afraid of getting too much energy and not sleeping or something, but increasing the nutrients back up to your recommendations I feel wonderful, not stressed and not over energized.  Great work.

Thank you!

- T.L.


Ever since I began visiting Dr. Spearman’s office, my health has improved. In the last several months; however, I’ve noticed huge changes in the way my body functions. Even though I’m nearing retirement age, my body, these days, feels like it is 20 years old.

My joints are more flexible, my limbs more responsive and I feel much stronger. If anything gets stressed, things just naturally seem to snap back into shape. Perhaps not as good as when I was on the high school gymnastics team but like never before in the last two decades.
I started going to Dr. Spearman for adjustments because of spasms in my arm and shoulder. My muscles would twitch on one whole side of my body, usually the left. At times, it would be a spasm concert where some muscles on my arm twitched and others in my back responded with jerks. Sometimes the involuntary muscle movement ran down my left leg.

The twitching was so bad, often times during the night that the uncontrolled spasms would literally wake me up. Once they started, there was nothing I could do but wait for them to subside.

I went to see a medical doctor. My left arm was going numb, so the doctor ordered 14 x-rays. Who knows how much radiation I accumulated for inconclusive evaluation of the problem and critical remarks over not taking care of my back like I should? I also received an analysis of which discs were worn or in bad shape, and I was informed there was no tumor. Yet, the muscle twitching continued.

After several visits for adjustments at Dr. Spearman’s office, the alignment of my spine improved and limb joints started fitting back into place. The spasms slowed in frequency. Today, they no longer exist as my back remains straighter and my neck is better aligned. In my back, I don’t hear cracking vertebrae any longer.

During the visits, Dr. Spearman began checking me out on supplements. I had done a lot of research on supplements and I knew I was taking what I needed – until Dr. Spearman showed me through his testing procedure that the supplements I had selected were actually impeding my immune system.
Over time, this nutrient rebalancing also handled what I call my “LA cough.” Anytime I few in, within a week or 10 days, I would develop this dry cough.

With the latest regimen of supplements Dr. Spearman put me on, the cough went away in 36 hours. I was able to organize and be the narrator of my latest screenplay during an important reading – with no coughing at all!

At this point, I visit Dr. Spearman for a tweak here and there. Maintenance is vital. It’s amazing how much my body has gone through. I never realized that muscles, nerves, eyes, the prostate and other body parts and physiological systems needed more nutrients and better attention. The proof that something was wrong is unmistakable.

What I’m really happy about was taking a flight yesterday, picking up 50-pound bulky suitcase from the airport carousel and manhandling it – with no permanent problem. In the past, this action would have thrown out my back for days. All I had to do this time was stretch a bit and sit up straight for everything to snap back in place.

My energy level remains high. With little to no attention on my body, I can enjoy life and create to my heart’s content.

This is what I call service.

- Jacob Kamhis, Honolulu, Hawaii

  • "Neck and Back...

    I have noticed a considerable change in the way my entire back feels since I started my treatments with Dr. Spearman. I’ve never been able to go so long without feeling the pain in my neck and low back.
    I’ve seen many, many chiropractors over the years and the adjustments simply wouldn’t stay corrected for long before I was feeling discomfort again. My back is now stabilized and I feel great all the time!"
  • "Debilitating pain...

    I came to Dr. Spearman with pain that was completely debilitating. He fixed that right away. He told me I needed 8 to 10 visits to handle the chronic problem that caused the situation. Well, 8 visits later, I feel no pain at all, and my big win is that I actually feel stronger and taller, actually taller and straighter. I was very happy with the service and the professionalism."
  • "Hip Issues....

    Wow! Incredible!! Unbelievable!!! I have had my left hip out of place for over 4 years. I had been to MANY chiropractors and the adjustments either didn’t work at all or didn’t stay in. NONE of the adjustments handled my particular situation. As a result, my mobility had become very much impaired and one leg was longer than the other. I was resigned to having this situation for the rest of my life. Fortunately, I was introduced to Dr. Spearman. I was a bit skeptical about trying yet ANOTHER chiropractor, but he explained that he has a special technique for particular hip displacements. So, I thought I’d give it a try. VOILA!!! The instant he did the adjustment I KNEW my hip was FINALLY HANDLED, I had to hold back the tears. I was absolutely elated!!! It has been three months now and my hip is STILL in place! A thousand “thank-yous” for your expertise, Dr. Spearman!"
  • "Success in Just Two Treatments...

    Thank you so much, Dr. Spearman!

    I had on my right side in the BACK, a bad almost unendurable pain whenever I would do one of my favorite tasks – cooking – for long periods in my kitchen.
    In one! visit this pain ceased. Not only that, my ribs on my left had started dislocating in a sudden-need-to-be-handled Right now! Very distressing sensation sort of way. This, after 2 treatments has almost entirely vanished.

    This really does prove Dr. Spearman’s technique is truly correct!"
    Karen Black
  • "Dr. Mike Heals a Doctor....

    I had to let you know how much better I am feeling and the huge improvement I have experienced since I visited your office last October. As you know, your muscle resistance diagnostic technique revealed my allergy to nightshades. Since I stopped eating these foods I have had no abdominal cramping, no heartburn, and a tremendous increase in energy. I used to take a strong antacid, Prevacid, to stop my severe heartburn. I was diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) years ago and even needed a surgical procedure in June 2000, to correct several bouts of diverticulitis in previous years. Now all is well thanks to you! And since completing your nutritional program for my liver, I am now able to tolerate and enjoy some potatoes and peppers now and then.

    Thanks so much for my huge win."
    Sincerely, Dr. Bruce Kiraly

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