Happy New Year! Standard Process Full Body Cleanse

A good New Year's Resolution is to clean up the diet and do a nutritional purification of the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and digestive system. We use a combination of many herbs and nutritional extracts along with a special healthy diet that is easy to do to achieve this cleanse. It takes 3 weeks to do it. That 3 weeks is the time needed to reset your current eating habits to healthier habits. Some people like this program so much they do it again or 2 or 3 or 4 times over a year. I have done it 3 times total.  

This program will boost your energy, lower high cholesterol a lot, and get you on a healthy track in your eating style. Nobody does it better than Standard Process. You can go to to find out more. We do need you to drop by the office or talk to the doctor before you get started to address any concerns you may have. Let's get started.

Dr. Mike Spearman

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