Root Canals - NO!

You may not believe this story, as I found it hard to believe, but I am not going to tell Tatiana, my wife. Certainly I was glad to get the news. She has been getting some expensive dental work over the past several months from a specialist. A few weeks ago, he referred her to another dentist who does root canals, as her x-ray exam indicated she needed one. Two weeks later she saw the root canal specialist and he checked her out and said she was fine.

So what happened in that two week period? I had her take some special mouth bacteria supplements and we ran my class 3 laser on both sides of her jaw in the area where the root canal was supposed to occur. Such a laser has an amazing ability to speed up healing for acute conditions. Perhaps you should try out the laser and the supplement if you need a root canal and save many hundreds of dollars. It is amazing what conservative treatment often does for health.


Dr. Mike Spearman

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