Pain and Chiropractic

In order to achieve and maintain great health getting the joints and muscles smoothed out, having adequate posture and doing enough exercise to strengthen and stretch your muscles is essential. This represents half your body. It does not take that much work. In fact it can be enjoyable. 

One of the best ways to get rid of pain is with chiropractic treatment. While this treatment can leave you a bit sore initially, the benefits are wonderful soon enough. Chiropractic adjustments can get rid of pain in the feet, and anywhere else in the body where you have bones. Muscles that are weak or tight can also cause pain all over the body including your head. You should see the charts that show these pain patterns on the body from muscle dysfunction. Practically the whole body could be affected. Muscles can also be adjusted, just in a different way than bones are adjusted. Regardless of whether it is bone or muscle that is being adjusted the end result is to remove irritation from the nerves.

Other causes of pain can be addressed by specialized nutrition or herbal treatment. Every organ that is not in tip top shape will tend to cause pain in the back or other part of the body. The greater the dysfunction the more the pain. I had a lady with kidney pain on both sides recently. She had recently had a dye put in her blood so that imaging could be done. After this, she developed kidney pain. The right supplements calmed this down significantly in a week.

Why can the body be more sore after the first few adjustments to an area? If the doctor is very gentle this usually does not happen, however, the more gentle the treatments, the more visits to correct a condition. Treatments change conditions and inflammation, toxic buildup and nerve irritation are occurring when adjustments occur. At our office we can be gentle or more firm. It is your call. The final result to keep in mind is you doing the activities you enjoy and feeling really good about it.

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