Opioid Abuse

Bottle with pills spilling out

The chiropractic profession is promoting pain management for patients who otherwise might use opioids to manage their pain. This is a good idea. All physical pain is sensed by the nervous system. By removing nerve irritation through chiropractic adjustments, relaxing chronic tight muscles and giving supplements that calm the nerves and reduce inflammation and balance body function PAIN can be greatly reduced and the opioid solution which is a poor solution can be replaced. Over 47,000 people died in 2017 from prescription opioids, heroin and fentanyl a synthetic illegally distributed opioid often from China.

The main reason people see chiropractors in the first place is to reduce pain. In my view everyone should see a chiropractor at least once a year even if they do not feel pain. When people come in for a visit and claim no pain we usually find painful areas anyway. Why is that? Well we have the physical ability to shape-shift a little so that the part of the body producing pain is not utilized and the pain then reduces. The down side of this is the person also reduces their overall physical activity. A common excuse given is I am just getting old. This is really a half truth. Yes we are getting older and we are also collecting physical insults to the body that can be eliminated or reduced greatly. 

The moral of this story is send yourself and your friends to see a chiropractor at least once a year.


Dr. Mike Spearman

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