Additional Information On The Current Virus


I may have been rash a few articles back when I said this was all for stock market profit. I relinquish that hypothesis. It is more like this. There is a new virus out there. Corona Virus is not new but this corona virus is a bit different. Apparently the CDC is scared that it could be a more dangerous virus than the regular flu virus. This remains to be seen.

What is going on around the world is an experiment in cooperation in quarantine or a version of quarantine. Hollywood has popularized the world wide epidemic over the past decade or so in movies and many have agreed to play this game on a voluntary basis and see how it goes with the new corona virus. If the virus remains limited for the season then we all can say we worked together to limit a dangerous disease. 

There have been dangerous viruses before such as polio. Diptheria at the beginning of the 20th century was such a bacterial disease that spread. It was the number two killer behind cardiovascular disease at the time. It peaked in 1905 with 44,000 deaths. In today's USA with over 3 times as many people we would expect 130,000 deaths. Effective quarantine might have reduced this. By 1945 when a vaccine came out natural immunity had already developed and there were 400 deaths with each year getting less. So the vaccine had little or no effect on eliminating this disease. Diptheria was a bacteria not a virus.

Prevention, of course, is the best medicine and quarantine is only one form of prevention. Cleanliness is, of course, another. The other is strong immunity. It is already well understood that the immune compromised are by far the most at risk group. Vitamin C is important in the immune response. So is enough calcium especially ionized calcium. Calcium carbonate in supplements is the cheapest and least ionizable form of calcium. Citrate and lactate are 100 times better and still relatively economical. 500 milligrams of a time released vitamin C each day is a good idea. Vitamin C is not produced by humans so a steady supply is needed. Fresh fruit and vegetables are rich sources. Eat these regularly, especially organic vegetables for their greatly increased mineral content. Make sure your loved ones who are more likely to get ill get extra nutrition and rest.

Stay healthy!


Dr. Mike Spearman

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