Lies In The Media About Covid-19

This is short but something which may have snuck into the back of your mind. The media has stated more than once that a strong immune system may work against you if you get Covid-19. This is a COMPLETE LIE and based on NO valid data. What the media will tell you is that healthy young people and doctors and other healthy-looking people get corona virus and die. Well young people doctors and all the examples of people they give as healthy also get cancer, commit suicide, die of all manner of conditions.

In world war I we had the Spanish flu which really originated in volume at an army base in Kansas. Healthy young men right? Well these boys were away from home eating army food of the time, doing lots of physical exercise, and going to a war of attrition on the front between Germany and France. The Germans were using poison gas and mustard gas on the enemy. That is what these recruits were preparing to walk into. What an emotionally stressful situation to prepare for. No doubt many of them had their immune systems become run down. Further by 1918 the processed food industry was in full swing for a decade with many devitalized foods on the market.

Zinc, for example, is important in a strong immune system. One key source of zinc is whole grains and the white flower big flour mills were refining most commercial grains by this time so no Whole grains with less zinc creating a weaker immune system. The immune response is a complex activity. It takes calcium, vitamin c in adequate quantity just to sound the alarm to get the immune system to kick into gear. Were there plenty of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables rich in C and Calcium in the army training camp in the winter of February and March of 2018 in Kansas? You start to get the picture.

It is healthy food of the right kinds that provide the raw materials for a strong immune system. Who says young people are healthy? Plenty are not, even though you think they are.

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