Insidious Onset

It is amazing how much better a person can feel after a chiropractic adjustment. Believe it or not someone can claim he feels OK who then gets an adjustment resulting in the person feeling very good. What happened? The body simply shifted in several little ways reducing the stress where joints lost their normal motion. Then there is no indication anything is not normal. 

The person is then a bit mystified how bending forward to pick up a pen off the floor led to low back pain. The answer is often insidious onset. How does insidious onset happen in the human body? Glad you asked.

There are various reasons. The spine becomes irritated over time by a buildup of minor insults that your body then hides from you by shifting a little. There is only so much of this shifting that can occur. When the shift potential is used up, aches and pains start to appear that persist. Before pains went away in a short amount of time. This new ache just wants to persist. At this point a person usually suffers for a week or a month and then decides to do something about it. Perhaps he takes painkillers. These are usually fine short term. Long term these pain meds, even over the counter ones, can be deadly. These days we hear about opioids. These are just the latest pain killers to be abused.

For decades it has been a known fact that pain killers as aspirin and other NSAIDs kill more than 10,000 people a year and put over a hundred thousand in the hospital every year from over use and abuse.

Good chiropractic adjusting, good diet (minus food you are sensitive to) and the right supplements can reduce and or eliminate the problems for which many turn to drugs of one kind or another. I could tell you about someone in my family who suffered greatly because his doctor allowed him to keep refilling a pain killing NSAID of prescription strength. It eventually ruined his kidneys. You

probably know someone in your family or a friend who has suffered. 

So, be effective and do natural health care including good chiropractic adjustments that keep your pain level at a minimum or gone.


Dr. Mike Spearman

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