I recently toured this museum. It is a self-guided tour but hosts also go along when there is a group. You can do a fast tour where you just watch a series of short videos. Probably take an hour if you watch them all. If you read all the blurbs on the walls in addition you could spend 2 or more hours. I would describe the tour as full of horrible but educational information about the history and practices of psychiatrists. This history shows the worst of what they have done, what these doctors think. Today many of these doctors primarily give drugs but you should know that the profession is trying to get shock therapy classified as a minor treatment so that it can easily be used on children and others without having to jump through hoops before administering such treatment. 

I would say that I felt well informed on what psychiatry was and what it was doing. Huh, little did I know. This museum tour will give you a full graphic presentation of the hypotheses these people have operated on, their attitudes towards their patients and mankind, on and on. I found it hard to stomach the whole thing and ended my tour a section or two before the end. So, with that said you should get down and see it if you haven't and take someone you know so that more people become educated on this profession, and using profession as a term for their activities is a joke in my view. Many doctors presented in the short films would agree with me. See it on a day off, even take your children if they are old enough. 

Citizens Commission on Human Rights, CCHR, which presents the museum was founded by a medical doctor trained as a psychiatrist who taught the subject. He found it disgusting too and exposed it in books he wrote. Why should you see this museum and get others to see it? In my view the more people who get this brief but in-depth tour, the more people will see the horrors of psychiatry and, at least, will avoid it personally. Better yet they will bring their friends in as well.

CCHR - The address is 6616 Sunset Blvd, east of Highland Ave, on the south side of the street. There is parking on the property. Their phone number is 323-4674242 or 800-869-2247.


Mike spearman, Chiropractic doctor

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