Holistic Health, Sex Drive, and Other Health Points

The human body is a very sophisticated organization of cells and symbiotic organisms. There are tens of trillions of cells and hundreds of trillions of symbiotic critters. This is an estimate that could be a bit smaller or larger. Imagine a corporation with that many staff and customers. So, a sophisticated organization it has to be.

Ideally, all these cells and organisms work in balance. When they don't, you get some degree of less than ideal health.  That is a very straightforward relationship. Getting it in balance is often much more involved. An obese person obviously has things out of balance. His body is demonstrably being a warehouse. It would take considerable time and effort on the part of such a person to get back in balance. It certainly can be done and has been done millions of times. 

When I talk about sex drive I am not promoting being a sex fiend. But no sex drive is an indication the body is out of balance. Remember the story of Sara in the Bible. At age one hundred she had a child. She apparently was aided by a higher power. We, in all of our nutritional technology have higher powers today, though not at the level in this example. The obese person has too much fat storage going on. No sex drive has too little of something going on.

The sex glands are really part of the endocrine system. The endocrine system regulates metabolism. Metabolism is simply all the functions of building up the body and breaking down and eliminating the old body parts, plus energy production to run everything. The human body is always in a full state of renovation. So there is a quick overview of metabolism and the endocrine system for which the sex glands are a key and essential part. Sex drive does not primarily come from the sex glands but sex function does. One byproduct of the sex glands is to bring relaxation. Sex drive primarily comes from an endocrine gland in the head that is part nervous system and part hormonal producing endocrine gland.

Again, our bodies are a sophisticated organization of cells. Really, there are many organizations of cells such as the stomach and liver etc., that work in concert with each other to make the whole body. Keeping any organization running and in balance is a lot of work. Just ask any successful executive. That executive will tell you he/she is keeping all parts functioning in balance with other internal parts and other parts of the organization outside the executive's control. When all of this is going well you have a successful organization. What we do in an office like mine is assist a person to get all his body organizations working in balance.     

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