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Unfortunately many people are negligent of their health. This is ok but I propose that many people are not up to maintaining or improving their health. In other words they are not up to conserving their health. I think you could survey many doctors and you would get a similar observation to mine. I have a good friend that really fits into this category. He is not really up to maintaining his health. He is mildly interested in maintaining his health. With a lot of effort he will do things. He does many medical interventions and unfortunately these tend to fail for him. He would say well I come from a medical family so I have to stick with this. Well his uncle and grandfather were medical doctors. So his choice really makes no sense. I am sure you know people who are just not up to keeping the show on the road. Almost but not really. 

It is a sad tale. Fortunately for my friend, his family is well off enough that he will live the rest of his life in comfort. He eats fairly healthy which is in his favor. He drinks maybe several beers or glasses of wine every week and he was forcibly retired early by his school district at age 62. He has been on medications for 40 years and professes he would like to get off but do you think he will achieve this?

Now many of us perhaps could not afford to do the various health activities we would like to and if that is the case I understand the dilemma of having to survive the best you can. I hope you do not mind me complaining occasionally. With all our efforts we are attempting to take the hand of people and give them a bump up and we are mostly successful except when you see something like the above.

Let us take heart disease. This condition kills more people in America than all the known cancers put together. You are told to keep your cholesterol down. This is unfortunately a false flag. People with moderately high cholesterol suffer fewer heart attack deaths. You can look it up but I will not do this for you. I got this information off of YouTube from a show with numerous cardiologists interviewed. The cholesterol thing is from a doctor in the 1960s who did poor studies to make himself right and bullied other doctors to the extent of attacking them publicly to ruin their careers. He got his false information pushed into the American Heart Institute and similar organizations.

The great cause of heart disease is actually too much sugar and carbohydrates as refined bread products. If you want to eat carbohydrates I suggest you eat more root vegetables such as potatoes, yams, carrots, onions, beets, etc. For breakfast eat eggs, sausage, bacon, some fruit and perhaps a slice of bread so as to minimize these grain carbs.

Cholesterol is vital to your health. HDL cholesterol especially is important. My cholesterol at last look was 210 and my HDL was about 110. That is healthy. Adrenal and sex hormones are made from cholesterol. Your cell walls are mostly made of lipids and half of these lipids are cholesterol. Your liver both makes cholesterol and breaks down old cholesterol so a healthy liver is important.

We can help you get your cholesterol down to a good level where your HDL cholesterol is high and your LDL and triglycerides are low. For now, eat more healthy fatty foods such as eggs and sausage and dairy if you tolerate dairy. There are, of course, higher grades of these fatty foods such as grass fed butter etc. Remember these healthy fats taste good. Seed fats are generally not too healthy, especially as they are primarily sold in stores in their highly refined forms. Again see us to get healthy and bring your more detailed questions.


Dr. Mike Spearman

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