Content with your Health?

Why bother to take care of your health when you are going to DIE anyway? That is a tough question to answer. You have to ask yourself where your power of choice lies and what is it based on. Money may or may not be a consideration. Past experience probably has something to do with it. How bad do you feel usually has a lot to do with it in the world of health care. "What approach to health should I try" is often thought about. "My friend told me..." often has something to do with your decision. You may think of other reasons.

Contentment in my view should not be a reason. Contentment is a downhill look. Your uphill approach toward better health should be steady. Eat better food like organic versus commercial vegetables most of the time and other better food choices. Get some exercise like 3 hours minimum a week. Stretch out the body especially the parts that bug you and the ones you use a lot. Get enough sleep most of the time. These advices are simple, not unlike brush your teeth regularly. Now from my office take great whole food supplements. Vitamins for the most part are very limited. They are non existent in enzymes and co-enzymes and the co-factors the body needs to use them for example. Commercial vegetables are devoid of essential minerals like iron, manganese, selenium, glucose tolerance factor (organic chromium), zinc and other trace minerals. You have too much calcium and not enough phosphorus and other nutrients too numerous to name so you are getting arthritis which is in part calcium deposits where there should be none.

Take great supplements because your body, despite your good diet, has a bad history and you know this. Get adjusted periodically just like you get your teeth cleaned. I doubt there is a patient out there who I can't easily find 6 things to fix on them. Let's call it a tune up. Your radius is jammed up into your elbow, your left fibula is back at the knee, the sacrum is shifted a little left stressing the lumbar spine and upper neck secondarily, the adrenal glands are weak and supplements do not fix because the neurolymphatic reflex and the neurovascular reflex associated with the adrenals are switched off. You know simple stuff like that. Simple for me but not so simple for you to duplicate and know how to address.

Do not be content with your health. Do the things you can do as often as you can and get a pro to clean up the fine points as needed to get the body balanced as close to ideal and do it on a regular basis.


Dr. Mike Spearman

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