The solution to Chronic Fatigue is to adequately address all the aspects of life that cause stress. The adrenal glands are called the STRESS GLANDS. Fixing the adrenals themselves is ONLY one aspect of handling chronic fatigue. Just addressing the adrenals will not handle chronic fatigue. The handling for chronic fatigue will vary somewhat from person to person depending on what internal body stressors exist along with the person's stressors in life. The body has to be healthy enough to easily cope with life's demands. Makes sense does it not?

The body being very sophisticated has more than one way to address each and every bodily function. A person can get by when one function is under-performing, and others are fine. To be truly healthy and have full energy all functions should be close to 100%. There are a group of neurological controls associated with good organ and gland function. The adrenals are glands, and, in my experience, which is considerable the neurological controls associated with the adrenal glands get shut down more than any other part of the body. Most of us would agree that in the USA stress is a big factor in most people's lives and that is why the neurological controls for the adrenals get overwhelmed. This is my educated opinion. Until these neurological controls are turned back on in those people where they got turned off, it is very doubtful that anyone will fully recover from chronic fatigue.

Because most of you are not even familiar with these neurological controls I invite you to call and come into the office for a FREE check to see if these controls are on or off. You will be able to see what I see when we do these checks. If off a single visit is sufficient to start you on the road of long term adrenal health.


Dr. Mike Spearman

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