Calcium and Fibromyalgia

The TV commercials selling drugs for fibromyalgia say they think the nerves are irritated and inflamed causing pain and fatigue. I agree 100 percent. But how do we get rid of the irritated nerves? A key cause of this nerve irritation resulting in inflammation and pain is millions of tiny microscopic calcium deposits on the nerves.

The trick is in getting these tiny deposits to "dissolve" and stop irritating the nerves. These deposits are like tiny razor blades all over the body causing the pain of fibromyalgia all over the body. You can also have localized pain which could come from the same calcium deposits. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body involved in many, many functions of the body. When these functions go well you could say the calcium is good calcium. When calcium starts to deposit in the body as calcium carbonate crystals it is bad calcium. There are a variety of supplements that could start to dissolve the calcium carbonate deposits resulting in less or no pain.

There is a direct answer to fibromyalgia that should work in many of these chronic pain situations. One symptom of a problem besides pain is sensitivity to pressure on the arms or legs or anywhere on the body. Come in and lets do something about your pain condition.

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