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boost your immune system

Much has been said about coronavirus and rightfully so. Avoid any conspiracy theories. Even if they are true what will protect you is a healthy state of mental, spiritual and physical health. This all goes without saying but I am saying it just as a reminder. 

When you come into my office the receptionist sprays down the entrance door knobs and every other place you went while in the office right after you were in the office. Probably overkill but she insists. She also takes garlic and vitamin C complex and other things. 

Medicine currently has the tool of social distancing and quarantine and hospitalization for the FEW heavily infected. These are all good things. If you get a small exposure or several small exposures over time your immune system is building defenses. 

Past viral diseases have all burnt themselves out over time. A highly infectious disease like the covid-19 will burn itself out much quicker because we will all get light exposures within a year or so. Natural immunity then occurs within the culture. The medical and public health people like to call this herd immunity. I think natural immunity is a more appropriate statement. 

What I have told you is of course all theoretical. The Spanish Flu of 1918-1919 essentially burnt itself out in 1 year. It started at an army base in Kansas in March 2018. Numerous recruits being trained to go overseas to fight in Europe were the first known victims. Most survived even if they got very ill. These recruits I can generally say were away from home eating army food and working out hard. Not the best scene for the more vulnerable. There was a pig farm near the base and so this flu may have been a coronavirus or other virus that could spread from animals to people. Regular flu does not spread from animals to people. Most did not get sick but went over and infected the French, English and German soldiers and the disease spread in Europe. You could say they were carriers of the disease but were themselves immune. The trenches of WWI were not healthy places to be or survive. Not spiritually, mentally or physically!!

The disease spread relatively slowly except in the European setting of WWI. Remember there were no commercial airlines, not too many cars, and generally a less mobile society. So it snuck up on us more slowly and less noticeably than today's covid-19. It is a good thing public health people today saw the spread and took early action to minimize spread and allow us to get slowly lightly infected leading to less severe disease. The Spanish Flu hit very hard again in the United States in October of 2018. It is at this time in the US that we saw the closing of schools, bars, restaurants and other social activities. October is in the fall when the weather favors these viruses and we have flu season starting. Quarantine actions and social restrictions of interaction lasted for about 2 months in October and November. Restrictions were lifted in December as business pressured government regulatory people and because the incidence of the disease had reduced with the 2 months of restrictions. In January 2019 there was a resurgence of the disease resulting with new restrictions but not so severe and then in February the disease disappeared as a pandemic. 

Based on these historical facts I expect that by mid-May the restrictions will be lifted and the cold weather will have passed. Then I predict a resurgence in October. and an eventual burn out around next February. Perhaps an effective vaccine will come out and inoculations will occur before October. While I am definitely NOT a promoter of vaccines a vaccine can very lightly infect people so they build an immune response and natural immunity develops. Some people will get ill even from a vaccine so I recommend you get checked out by someone like me who does holistic medicine and can ensure your immune system is in top shape regardless of your age and that you are taking some nutritional supplements and eating an excellent diet to keep you healthy. 

Remember the root Latin definition of the word immune means safe. Your immune system is your personal safety system against disease. It can be tuned up like any system of the body. Take advantage of such a tune up. We have a number of products which which might help. Come in or call Dr. Mike to talk about it.

To health!!!!!!


Dr. Mike Spearman

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