Have you ever noticed that some people have a bright glow in their facial complexion accentuated by bright shiny eyes. No amount of make up will give a person bright shiny eyes. If you have this glow and sparkle in your eyes then count yourself blessed. If you do not have this appearance, what could be going on? There is probably more than one cause to this lack of natural luster, but I can tell you that a major cause is a side effect of too many antibiotics during your life. Now hear this, I am not knocking antibiotics. I am saying that antibiotics have a side effect. The more you have used antibiotics over the time space of a lifetime, the more negative will be the side effect. A dull appearance to the skin and a lack of  bright shiny eyes is pretty easy to see. Some people may have itchy skin, fatigue, mental dullness, eating and digestive disorders, sugar cravings which are different than just liking the taste of sweets and possible other side effects.

But let's stick to the beauty secret here of the shiny eyes and glowing skin. A major cause of this condition is dysbiosis which simply means an imbalance of gut bacteria and other critters. With the use of oral antibiotics an unfortunate situation is created. Most of the bacteria in the gut are killed by the antibiotic and hopefully other “bad bacteria" that are making you ill. Unfortunately trillions of these bacteria that your body needs are killed leaving a vacuum that can draw in unwanted organisms and these unwanted organisms can get established in the gut which has become a bombed-out wasteland. Before you had a lush garden where there was no room for settlers. Now there is a fertile ground for other forms of microscopic life to settle down and create a life - a life not necessarily beneficial to you. Those original bacteria were there to help breakdown and process the food you ate so your body could thrive. The lack of luster in your skin and eyes tells the tale of starvation to the cells of your face and eyes. What a horrible tale.

One of the main invading organisms to your gut is an organism called candida albicans. Candida normally lives on your skin, which is a harsh environment compared to the moisture rich in nutrient gut. Due to this organism living on the skin it has evolved a tough shell or covering to protect it from the harsh environment on the surface of the skin. Once it has migrated to your gut and been able to establish itself, it still retains this tough covering and it is hard to kill and cannot be chased out of the gut once established by the regrowth of the valuable bacteria and organisms. Getting rid of candida in the gut is no easy task unless that covering can be removed. Special low carb diets help starve the candida but it will just come back when you eat some carbs. All vegetables contain carbs, of course. Diet alone will never really succeed but can only manage the condition.

The solution is simple and we have a program for you. It requires 4 supplements and takes the average person about 6 weeks to complete at a cost of $150 to $200 dollars in supplements and an office visit. For a person with a more severe case and duller skin and eyes it will take longer. Of the 150 or more cases we have addressed in this office, 4 months was the longest time period on the program. Her life literally changed. She had tried other solutions with no real benefit. That sure made it tough with 2 young children. After doing this program she got rid of fatigue, no longer experiences mental dullness and she doesn’t have dull skin or eyes. No more. She is vibrant and alert with bright shiny eyes and a glow to her skin. That is quite a beauty secret and many, many people suffer a little or a lot. No amount of make up can compare with this program. For guys you will look better and be more vibrant in your handling of the world.

One more thing. The digestive system is a complex system and there could be other needs for your gut but this above condition will thwart any other address to the digestive system. Let's get started!!!


Dr. Mike Spearman

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