Quite the opposite, an unavoidably unsafe product is a product whose tremendous benefits justify the reasonable risks it poses.

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That title sounds dangerous to me. Well let’s see… guns would probably be categorized as “unavoidably unsafe.” Perhaps you can think of other activities that could be categorized as “unavoidably unsafe.”

There’s an activity that I know of that everyone is mandated to do that is categorized as “unavoidably unsafe.” Further, I bet no one has ever told you that this mandatory activity was so categorized. If you were told anything, you were probably told it was safe.

So what is categorized as “unavoidably unsafe?” Vaccinations are legally categorized as “unavoidably unsafe”, yet most of us have dutifully taken our infants, toddlers, preschoolers and older children in to get their mandatory vaccinations.

Most of us would insist that we should get our vaccinations, after all, by getting one we are not only protecting our children, but protecting everyone else from getting the disease that the particular vaccine protects against. Guess what? While I don’t know the actual figures, I estimate that millions of Americans have never had any vaccines. Despite coming into contact with such people I know you didn’t in the last 2, 3 or 4 decades get polio and neither did they. Actually, the only people who got polio in the last few decades got it from the vaccine. This information sort of throws the whole idea of mandatory vaccination into question. Would you agree?

To recap the above, millions of people who didn’t get the vaccine didn’t get polio and 99.99% of those who got the vaccine didn’t get polio but a few people did – perhaps a 10 to 50 a year. So, if we all decided that polio vaccine was not needed, would there be a resurgence of polio? Good question. All we really know for sure is that when small pox vaccine was stopped no one got small pox.

The possible problem with vaccines is that so many different ones are being required now. This certainly increases the number of chances of a vaccine side effect. There is also the possibility that there is a geometric curve increase in side effects when many are given. No large scale studies have ever been done to show that vaccines result in healthier people than non-vaccinated people. There is simply the hypothesis that vaccines bring “herd immunity.” But does herd immunity outweigh herd side effects. The epidemic of what could be called the autism syndrome is the most probable side effect. By the way, autism is more a symptom pattern than it is a disease. The disease that is associated with abnormal brain function is encephalitis meaning inflammation of brain. Encephalitis with long term brain function was once rare. Now, between 1 in 50 and 1 in 100 children have brain dysfunction. Massive vaccination is the change that coincides with this epidemic.  

Anyone in California can avoid the risk of a huge number of vaccines for their children or themselves. Each state has some kind of form you can fill out to decline vaccination for yourself or your children. In California, it’s called the Personal Beliefs Exemption Form. All public schools and day care centers should have these forms so you have the option to opt out of getting one or all of the mandatory vaccinations.

There are many reasons and facts that you could become informed about so that you would be more informed than the health care professionals telling you that vaccines are safe and that you must get one. I recommend these two books - The Vaccine Epidemic: How Corporate Greed, Biased Science, and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, Our Health, and Our Children by Louise Kuo Habakus, MA, Mary Holland, JD (attorney) and Kim Mack Rosenberg, is a good book if you want to get full information outside the medical/drug establishment. Another book, Vaccination Is Not Immunization by Tim O’Shea, DC is also chock full of disturbing vaccine facts.

Read them, then you will have the power over your health in the area of vaccinations. Armed with the little I have told you, you are in a better position to decide to get vaccinations for your children or not. In California you must see a health care practitioner on the form list to get out of vaccines. This is a new requirement as of 2014. Before, you just signed the form and that was it. So, reading the book(s) gives you the knowledge advantage when you are confronted by the doctor or nurse. You can be pretty sure these practitioners will try to push you into a vaccine.  Hopefully I am mistaken in making this statement, but do not count on it. Who is in a better position to know whether their child should be vaccinated or not than the parents?  What I mean by this is if your baby has a cold you should not get them vaccinated. Wait until the infant is fully well. The pediatrician is not legally liable if your child becomes autistic, nor are the vaccine manufacturing drug companies.  Why get a diphtheria vaccine if no one in your community has had it? It is a rare disease in this day and age. Does your baby need a hepatitis B vaccine? This disease is passed by intravenous drug users or sexual contact. Consider this vaccine at age 15 perhaps. Read the books and you will be much more informed. The doctors and nurses only know what they were told by the powers that be which have a vested interest in not telling the whole truth.
In my next article, I’m going to recommend three supplements that greatly proof up any person, adult or child, against any infections from colds to cervical cancer-causing human papilloma virus, all the infections that you might get vaccinated for, and I will tell you one very popular supplement that can increase your chances of NOT getting infections if not balanced with the above supplement I will tell you about.

Dr. Mike Spearman

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