As soon as the word muscle comes up most people think of exercise. This program does not involve any exercise. However, once people do the program a youthful ability to take part in physical activities, often dramatically improves. Muscle rejuvenation occurs through a nutritional supplement program that takes four months to complete.

Over 50% of the human body just happens to be muscle. Besides the muscles that you control, there are other parts of your body that are muscular. The entire digestive tract is muscular, your diaphragm for breathing is a muscle, the uterus is a muscle, and your heart, arteries and veins are muscular. It stands to reason that a nutritional program addressing this much of the body would have a substantial effect.

The average 30 year old would not be interested in this program. Everyone over 50 years old definitely needs it and many in their 40s have benefited greatly. Basically, your body starts a slow decline after age 25. By 50, most systems, especially the muscles, need to be rebuilt. Here a few successes from those who started the program and hadn't yet finished it!

One elderly lady was about to start using a cane and had fallen three times in the past year. Here is her success story:

"I am 85 years old. I started Dr. Spearman's program last month. I took the required supplements and toward the end of the first month I realized I had much more energy and felt more stable when I was walking. The change is very welcome. I am continuing the program expecting even more wins."  - JN    (JN is now 89 and still does not use a cane.)

The next success story is from a 60 year old smoker:

"So far, on the muscle program, I have experienced a greater fluidity of motion and no kickbacks after physical exertion. This makes life a lot easier and more comfortable, and enables me to pursue a more active lifestyle." - BR

Here is a story from a 59 year old who owns a landscaping business:

"I have been on Dr. Spearman's Muscle Rejuvenation Program for about three months and I am definitely experiencing the promised improvements. Being over 55, I had begun to notice a general weakening in my strength over the past few years. Working in construction, I need to be able to use my body rigorously each and every day. Since beginning the program there has been a consistent improvement of the general tone of my body. The muscles feel tighter and I even have a better sense of balance and coordination. The men on my crew are all in their twenties and thirties, and they have commented on how I have been able to keep pace with them during the most strenuous jobs. The doctor's initial and ongoing muscle testing; plus his thorough explanation of the supplements and how they work; have made the entire program very understandable. One surprising improvement is my ability to breathe fully and deeply. It hadn't occurred to me before that breathing requires muscles to expand and contract the lungs. The ease with which I can breathe and the quantity of air taken in is very pronounced at this point. That alone has made the program highly valuable for me. The supplements are easy to take. I value the superior quality of the Standard Process products used in the program. Having done many nutritional programs through the years, I am impressed with this program and recommend it without reservation to anyone wishing to recover their natural muscle health." - DT

If you have decided you will be old by age 60, you will be. For those who want a long and healthy life, I recommend this as one of the key nutritional programs you do. I do not think you will find this program available anywhere else.

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Dr. Mike Spearman

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