Disease has plagued mankind for all time. The ancient Jewish food codes still extant today were designed to protect from the spread of disease. The Muslim peoples have similar rules. In the Christian world in modern times disease was greatly reduced by advances in hygiene measures, clean food handling procedures, refrigeration, sewage systems, fast shipping of foods and related practices. By the 1950s most diseases were on a dramatic decline statistically in the USA. Even polio was in rapid decline when the vaccines were introduced in the US and Britain. Natural immunity was spreading 19 times faster than the negative effects of polio. So, 19 out of 20 people who got the polio virus suffered a mild cold to every paralysis that occurred. Polio was a new disease in 1890 that was dangerous until the population developed natural immunity to it. Any new disease introduced to a group of people will cause severe illness until the members of the group develop natural immunity. The vaccine makers took full credit which made them look like the cause of success rather than the natural immunity which was the primary cause.

There is group and individual fear for anything people feel out of control of. Vaccination companies promote a solution to the fear of disease. It offers hope further reducing the fear. The dream that pushes vaccination along is that doing enough vaccinating will eliminate disease. Did you know that small pox, which vaccination promoters declared to have eliminated, still exists? The name was just changed to monkey pox and other pox names but the exact same virus exists. Clever! So, vaccination has not wiped out disease as is claimed. Fortunately there were never small pox epidemics except after heavy vaccination for small pox. Interesting! Vaccine manufacturers take full advantage of the fear, the hope and the dream in their advertising and convincing of government officials to do their bidding. Media which receives billions of dollars in drug advertising money forwards only what the drug companies want them to forward relative to vaccines and viruses because they fear losing their advertising dollars. You see news stories regularly, if you watch the news, developing fear of viruses. Whether there is a vaccine or not is ALWAYS discussed as well on every news channel in conjunction with the virus. Big time media is not immune (pun intended) from having to promote pro vaccine stories. It simply is business as usual. Do not look to the media or government or industry to give you complete information. You will have to muster your own certainty at this time in history through your own research.

Vaccination has become big business built on the fear, the hope and the dream of conquering disease. If you study up on the subject beyond the marketing by the government and vaccine makers you will see that you could take the view that it is mostly a gargantuan, humongous house of cards. Those cards are always falling and hurting individuals. The figure based on the FDA run office called the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System statistics and a former FDA commissioner estimate is that 35.2 million people in a 20-year period from 1990 to 2010 suffered severe vaccine side effects. That is 10% of the population. I estimate that probably only half of the population actually received a vaccination in this period. This increases the severe side effect percentage closer to 20% of the vaccine population. You probably thought severe vaccine side effects were rare. Not so! Mandatory vaccination with numerous vaccines now looks more ominous, more dangerous and is, perhaps, a liability in millions of cases.

In 2012 Governor of California, Jerry Brown, signed a bill into law that allows school officials or other health officials to vaccinate your daughters, starting at age 12, with the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine without your consent. What do you think of this arrangement, parents? Here is a little data on this vaccine to help you out. Japan is a pro vaccine country, but vaccines are not mandatory in Japan. Japanese health officials completely rejected HPV vaccine for its girls and young women. A study - the only real study available shows that the death rate of girls in an HPV-vaccinated group was higher than a baseline statistic for death in a similar unvaccinated group. About 3 more girls per 10,000 died in the vaccinated group. The vaccine companies tried to justify the extra deaths but the statistic is a raw data statistic which is not open to interpretation. No problem. We have to keep the dream of vaccines being our savior alive. The justification was accepted by government regulators in The FDA. Well, the US government section called the National Institutes of Health (NIH) owns the patent to the HPV vaccine. The FDA and NIH are both sections of the Department of Health and Human Services. About 3 women per 100,000 die of cervical cancer which is what the vaccine is supposed to protect against, yet the vaccine kills about 30 extra girls over baseline untreated girls per 100,000 girls. So, getting the vaccine is about 10 times more deadly than not getting it based on available data.

Become well educated on vaccinations so you can make a true informed consent on whether to get no vaccines, some of them, all of them or change the recommended schedule to spread out when you or your children get vaccinated. You can always get an exemption from vaccines but the powers and influences that be are making it more difficult. There are a couple books that contain well over 1000 documented statements and facts of which I have presented only a handful here. The more you know the better.

I recommend good hygiene, good fresh foods (organic when possible) prepared at home, adequate exercise and a relatively safe environment. In addition, a strong immune system and excellent calcium metabolism are essential to health. Calcium in cells is the signaling system to the immune system to kill viruses or other disease. Calcium metabolism is the most involved and widespread of all mineral metabolic activities. Mineral metabolism, through adequate minerals in a metabolic form, is as important as getting enough protein, fat and carbohydrate in your food. I assist people regularly with these last two areas. People also have diet questions which get answered. Consider a visit to address this area and I will also be glad to give a talk to small groups in my area.

Lastly, talk to people about vaccinations. What are their personal experiences or what they have heard? What do doctors tell you or them about vaccination? Talk it up. As you get educated and conversant on the subject you can develop endless vaccine topics to talk about.

Reading could include The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination is not Immunization by Tim O’shea, a chiropractic doctor. This book covers the history of many vaccines and their diseases so you get a true picture about vaccination. It is thoroughly referenced with over 250 documented facts and statements. The next book is Vaccine Epidemic How Corporate Greed, Biased Science, and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, Our Health, and Our Children edited by Louise Kuo Habakus, MA and Mary Holland, JD. This book has 28 authors including vaccine victims, medical doctors, researchers, lawyers and others. This book will give you a grand prospective of the vaccine industry, government interaction, and what the future may hold for you if the vaccine companies have their way. This book has over 750 documented facts and statements. The next book is The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child by Robert Sears MD. Dr. Sears is a pediatrician in Orange County south of Los Angeles. While Dr. Sears is pro vaccine, many of his patients get no vaccines, some vaccines or get vaccines but in a more favorable to health schedule for infants and children. The next book is The Immunization Decision: A Guide for Parents by Randall Neustaedter, an Oriental Medicine doctor. He offers an introduction for which he later bases his recommendations on each of the well known vaccinations. This book covers why not to get your child vaccinated on each vaccine. There are 6 other books listed in Vaccine Epidemic you may wish to check out, that range from total pro vaccine to anti vaccine.

The future is yours. Take hold of it.

Dr. Mike Spearman

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