SIBO is not a new bottled drink but it is an acronym for Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth. This is a very common condition and it is almost impossible to not fix it easily. In other words it is not a difficult condition to undo at all. Any digestive non-optimum condition could be a sign of SIBO. 

The way we handle SIBO is to acidify the gut which kills the bacteria there. You may be having your stable concept of 'I am supposed to be alkaline' shaken when I say you want to acidify your gut. Your blood needs to be alkaline and actually you would be dead if it was not. However your guts need to be acid. This actually produces a balance in the body of acid and base. 

Most of the minerals our bodies need are alkaline but they cannot be taken in unless they are in an acid environment. Calcium and iron are two key examples of this. Many supplements are in an acid environment such as magnesium citrate and so it will go into the body. Calcium and iron and many other minerals are in food and water so they need an acid gut. Also food putrifies if it is not being thoroughly broken down in this acid environment.

Acidify or die is the watchword for the gut and it helps your internal body to alkalize. The watchword for the internal body is alkalize or die. Your gut technically is not in your body. It is part of a fancy tube that passes through it. Come in and de-SIBO your gut today!

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