There are a tremendous number of actions that can be taken to improve your health or maintain your health that you may not be aware of. The title of this article is a saying inviting you to fully wake up to the possibilities that exist.

One of my patients, a musician, told me about a musician friend who is going to take a year off from playing guitar and touring because he has so much pain in his arms and hands. He plans to get carpal tunnel and trigger finger surgery. Good luck. Carpal tunnel surgery rarely improves one's complaints because it does not address and correct the underlying source of the problem. 

Practically any physical problem can be reduced or resolved with chiropractic and nutritional/herbal treatment. These are conservative approaches. If a good series of with these conservative treatments does not satisfactorily improve a condition, then consider surgery.  The conservative treatment still improved overall health and kept surgery away for 6 months or a year. More often than not, the conservative treatment works satisfactorily. Carpal tunnel is definitely such a situation. A professional musician needs carpal tunnel resolved to almost normal condition and often surgery does not do this. Other conditions such as low back pain, knee and foot pain, shoulder pain and headaches can be effectively treated with chiropractic negating the need for surgery and its often non-satisfactory results.  On the nutrition side, thyroid, heart conditions, liver stress and other conditions resolve to a higher level of health. 

So wake up and smell the coffee and see that there is a whole new world to health care that returns health. Check it out. Even some of the MDs are shifting over to our way of thinking.

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