There is no such thing as vitamin B4 right? Well the Food and Drug Administration said it was not needed in human nutrition. It does exist and lets just call it the B4 factor. What is a vitamin anyway? Most vitamins act as co-factors or co-enzymes as their function in the body. This B4 factor is not found in your high dose synthetic B-vitamin products.  Almost all B vitamins sold on the market are made in this high dose synthetic form. Their value is very limited and long term use could create deficiencies. Food is your best medicine. The best B vitamins come from foods rich in B vitamins. The problem with our diets is it is hard to get enough B vitamins and all the other vitamins and minerals from food.

You just do not eat all the foods you need. When did you last chew on raw rib cage bones to get all the bone and red bone marrow factors you need? You may have noticed bone broth is popular in health food stores these days. So I am right, you are deficient. Just own up to this fact. Not convinced? Well, did you eat spleen today? Was it raw? Yum!! So what is a good answer to getting all your nutrients? Well, the solution was dreamed up many decades ago by a fellow named Royal Lee. He was one of those rare geniuses who when he was not doing an invention to make a better world he worked on getting the best sources of nutrients from raw foods and concentrating them into raw whole food supplements, each rich in hundreds of bio-nutrients, most too complex to be synthesized anyway. We have sophisticated ways to test the whole body and find out which nutrients your body needs for balance and which nutrients your body needs for maintenance.image
Well, I see I have gotten off track on the B4 non-vitamin. What does it do? It makes your heart strong and helps get rid of arrhythmias (uneven heart beats), flutters and even atrial fibrillations, usually along with a couple other supplements. B4 helps detoxify the lactic acid waste from your muscles which is what makes them sore. It's great for athletes. This was talked about on an Olympic broadcast in relation to Michael Phelps. You do need lactic acid in your gut to help keep this area acidic, but not in your muscles. 

There are other nutrients called B vitamins such as pangamic acid B15 and laetrile vitamin B17. I could not tell you what biochemically makes a nutrient be classed as a B vitamin, but there you have it. B4 is certainly beneficial to everyone. 

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