When my dad moved our family from Austin, Texas to the Los Angeles area in 1968 the aerospace business was booming in Southern California and the smog was thick. Today my mom's financial investors have moved from California to North Carolina and don't have good things to say about California, at least businesswise. 

The pharmaceutical industry, however is doing great here. The last time forced vaccinations were invoked on the public was in Nazi Germany. Now this will occur in California starting in 2016. The people who put the bill through will tell you it is not forced. What has really occurred is that the minority group of non-vaccinators are going to be isolated from society. Adolf Hitler, in Mien Kampf, said you take away freedoms from minority groups first and a little at a time. A few years after the enforced vaccines in Nazi Germany the Jews and other minority groups were in prison camps and we know the rest.

The Nuremberg code that evolved from the Nuremberg Trials that prosecuted Nazi war criminals called for global informed consent on such things as vaccinations. The Golden State has forgotten this in its downfall. 

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution calls for religious rights. Various vaccines contain aborted human fetus cells which, of course, would be unpopular with pro-life Christians. In my church, "power of choice" is an essential part of the ability to survive well in the game of life. The California vaccine law gives you no power of choice unless you give up a public (or private) school education and this goes against the California Constitution which guarantees a free public education and you can't send your child to day care. 

It's sad to see such a beautiful place as California go down the Fascist road. Hopefully, the people of this state will wake up!

You will hear the President of the United States, the Governor of California, a lady running for President on the democratic ticket and other politicians tell you that science says vaccines are good. The only science these people are talking about is political science. 

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