Have you recently gotten the flu? The last couple of months I have seen many flu cases. Healthy people who get it often do not even get a fever.  If you are not so healthy, it could be rough. The current flu, even if mild, tends to be very annoying as it lasts a month or more.

Flu vaccines are available. I wish they worked. Unfortunately, there is no scientific data showing their efficacy at preventing the flu. The only data is that the vaccine, when tested, usually causes an immune response in the blood. What that immune response is to, is uncertain. Does it reduce occurrence of flu or severity of flu? No studies exist on this and are not required by the FDA to approve a flu vaccine for sale to the public. Pretty low standard, wouldn’t you say?

There are various specialized nutritional supplements that can assist you. Which ones are best for you vary somewhat from individual to individual. You can come in for a free check if you get the flu to assist you in minimizing the severity of your symptoms.

If you get a fever we can usually knock it out in a day with other specialized supplements. The best prevention is to stay away from people with the flu as it is very contagious.

You can always do things to improve your health status in general. Eat healthy fresh, preferably organic foods. Get light, regular exercise and some sunshine. Don’t get into overly stressful situations or hang around stress causing people.

Stay well-adjusted in your spine and all your body’s joints from head to toe including your arms and hands. Fixated joints stress your nervous system and endocrine system directly.  You do not need this excess physical stress.

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