Here in Southern California we just went through a blistering week temperatures of 106-112 degrees Fahrenheit in the San Fernando Valley and even the LA Basin hit 103 last Sunday.

I often get people in my office who, in addition to their neck pain or back pain, complain of fatigue. This is acute fatigue, not chronic fatigue. Usually, the person needs a little more salt, and that handles the fatigue. It's dry here in Southern California so we sweat out sodium and don't even know it because the sweat evaporates and quickly as it appears.

The other thing a person may need is potassium. There are a lot of potassium tablets out there for sale. They are okay, but let's just say that I am a snob about supplements. I take Organically Bound Minerals from Standard Process. I take more of it when it is hot or when I'm going on a hike and the temperature is over 80 degrees.

There are at least 40 minerals in the product, especially potassium. The product is made from dehydrated alfalfa juice and some kelp. Two thousand pounds of alfalfa juice is used to make 20 pounds of Organically Bound Minerals. That is a big concentration. Alfalfa has very deep roots and brings up lots of minerals from 50-100 feet underground.

Potassium is an intracellular electrolyte whereas sodium is extracellular. You can eat salt and get sodium in the body but there needs to be enzyme activity to get potassium and alfalfa juice has all the enzymes necessary to fully utilize potassium in your body.

Certain foods are also rich in potassium such as potatoes and beans. While I do eat some of these, I find that Organically Bound Minerals is a great product for regular use.

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