Opioid is the name of my dog. Just kidding. Low back pain is the greatest medical complaint. Opioids are opium-like manmade pain killers. These are sold by medical establishments to reduce pain. Good for medical doctors and drug companies. Not so good for patients. The primary cause of pain is musculoskeletal dysfunction and musculoskeletal degeneration. Adjustments of the spine and other joints of the body as needed, and relaxation of muscle tension points and muscle spasms, handles huge amounts of pain and regular periodic joint adjustments reduce and eliminate joint decay or degeneration.  
The "million dollar roll" is the name of a kind of chiropractic adjustment developed many decades ago to address low back pain. There are all kinds of adjustments to different parts of the body to reduce pain in different areas of the body. What is important to know from a layman’s point of view is that adjusting the hips and low back may be necessary to correct knee pain. Or adjusting the elbow may be necessary to remove upper arm and shoulder pain. It is all connected.  
The concept of holistic care meaning whole body care is why, as described above, one area being addressed can help another area. Just to complicate this for you, poor organ health can also cause pain, such as a liver needing an effective cleanse could reduce or eliminate headaches. The human body is an interconnected system with one dependent on the other. Move up to 21st century healthcare and leave the drug boys in the dust. You might occasionally need them, yes, but if you use actual health care your visits to that world of drugs and surgery will be rare indeed.

Dr. Mike Spearman

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