You no doubt are familiar with various kinds of testing. We all know about thermometers and blood pressure cuffs, EKGs for the heart and even automobile diagnostics. The whole world of "testing" is an ever expanding field. I just purchased a milligauss meter to measure the intensity of electromagnetic fields (EMF) at the site of electrical plugs and electrical apparatus. It is amazing the variation in intensity at different locations. Two short term studies showed that 55% of students improved within weeks when devices that reduced EMF intensity were put in place. The people doing the studies expected only a 2 to 3 % improvement. These were short term studies which only lasted a few weeks. One could extrapolate a bit and predict close to 100% improvement if such devices were used long term. It could always be studied. The point of this example is that EMF is completely invisible but it can be tested with special devices to the benefit of others. In the 1960s, my dad headed a small group that designed radiation detection devices that went on the suits of the Apollo astronauts. No one knew how much radiation would hit the astronauts going to and from the moon so a lot of money was spent do design and build a few dozen of these devices to find out the answer.

The beauty of muscle testing is its high sensitivity to locating small imperfections in human function and correcting them. In my view, great health is achieved by making many small corrections leading back to an ideal level of health above what may even be dreamed of. There is nothing like muscle testing to find what needs to be corrected. Various machines have been developed to do a similar analysis but these are all programmed by people and limited to what the programmer programmed for. They are probably great for the average practitioner with little knowledge, skill, or experience. The Vega machine was one of the early machines. Personally, I prefer the manual approach as it can lead to increased knowledge and skill as it is used. The patient can also see how an improvement can occur.  

The first time I was muscle tested I found it a bit strange, but I was also willing to see that there was something happening. What was happening was that when the tester pushed against my arm I could effectively resist the push easily with a firm stop of the push. Then the person would push on a part of my body and then redo the test a second later and I could not resist. It was explained that when a healthy spot was pushed on there was no loss of arm control. When there was loss of arm control there was dysfunction in the area of the push that disrupted my control via the automatic (autonomous) nervous system. Further investigation would then follow to see what would resolve the condition found. Later on I began to learn muscle testing myself and how to use it in a precise way that then led to accuracy and results. I have over the years been able to achieve amazing results that I never would have dreamed possible.   

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