Many of you, like myself, had measles as children. In the 1950s there were only a few vaccines. Many mothers would try to get their children infected with a common childhood disease if a neighbor child got ill. The thinking on this was if your child got ill as a child he would be immune to catching the disease as an adult. Many such diseases are worse for adults than for children. For example mumps can cause impotency in an adult male but rarely a child. The measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine (MMR vaccine) could create the unfortunate situation of a child getting several vaccines and when the temporary immunity of the vaccine wears off the person catches mumps as an adult and it causes impotency. Mumps is not a very dangerous disease otherwise for most people.
For whatever reason measles has become a hot health and political topic in recent months. Probably, those corporations who give significant donations to politicians, and who are economically interested in selling vaccines, got the politicians to heat up the debate. Members of the US Congress and the California Legislature are particularly involved currently in the measles debate. A pediatrician who is in the California Legislature entered a bill to force more vaccines on us. Recently, on the news, US Congressmen have been shown discussing measles vaccinations. In the California legislature a bill was introduced to force parents to get their children vaccinated. Measles has been in the news. Other diseases such as Ebola and bacterial meningitis have been in the news. Yet in each of these situations the incidence of the disease is very, very, very rare. Across the United States 131 cases of measles have appeared generating the hubbub in political representatives. One in 2 and a half million people have the measles and legislators have become concerned for some hidden reasons and are trying to force vaccines on you or your children as a result. So, a mountain is being made out of a mole hill. What is at stake here is the pharmaco-medical industry would like to take away your POWER OF CHOICE on whether to vaccinate your children or yourself. It is particularly in California in wealthier communities such as Beverly Hills, Malibu, Newport Beach and others where vaccination percentage has gone down recently. A fully referenced book with over 750 documented statements and facts damning to the vaccine industry and vaccine efficacy was released in 2011. This legislative noise in my view is an attempt to regain full control by the pharmaco-medical industry over you, the broad public, on the subject of vaccines. The probable public relations (PR) attack that will be forwarded will be along the lines that you, the general public, are being irresponsible by not getting your children and yourself vaccinated. You are endangering those young people who cannot go get vaccines on their own and therefore laws have to be passed to force you rotten people to take some responsibility. I would agree with the pharmaco-medical industry EXCEPT having read 3 books with about 1200 plus documented details showing the gargantuan quantity of awful side effects of vaccines I know that there is a whole story that could rival Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings Trilogy in a good versus evil confrontation. Just think of me as a member of the resistance behind the Jedi Knights or a hobbit pulled into the fray. Only this fray is going on right now and you are included to one degree or another, like it or not. So, we find ourselves on this double-edged sword of vaccines. I fully expect that vaccines are valuable to some people some of the time for some situations but let us not generalize this to everybody must, must, must follow the dangerous dogma.
By the way, if you or your child has a nasty side effect from a vaccine, you, by a 1980s law from the US Congress, cannot sue the drug company that manufactured the vaccine or the doctor who prescribed it or delivered the vaccine to you. What a sweet deal has been set up here. No responsibility legally by the perpetrator. Anarchy is another way to state this. The other part is you have to receive this treatment. Wow! Sounds like the days of Henry the VIII when he was whacking off the head of one wife after the next because he had despotic control of England. You can appeal to the US government for compensation but you must prove your case and 80% or more of those cases are disapproved. The general taxpayer foots the bill, not those responsible. Another consideration for drug and vaccine makers is that drug makers have paid out billions of dollars in class action law suits for the horrible side effects their drugs have caused people in the past. The lawyers are on to them. So, if they can produce lots of vaccines and force you or your insurance, which you pay for, to buy them and they cannot be sued then they are home free.
The way vaccines are approved in the first place is that there are various rules of clinical trials that have to be met. Then the results have to show that an immune response can be measured in the blood. This immune response does not mean the vaccine will protect you from the disease or if it does protect you for how long it will do this. If you get a vaccine and it is effective you may be immune for a few weeks up to a few years. If you actually get measles you will be immune for life. A study showed that in a city where 80% had been vaccinated at least 3 times an outbreak still occurred back in the day when measles was still common. That is correct. Measles is a rare disease today. Another story comes right from my office. A mom’s 2 and a half year old son was in daycare. He was not vaccinated for chickenpox. Several children who had been vaccinated for chicken pox caught chickenpox. Our young hero stayed healthy. This young child’s father was a chiropractor and the boy received high quality whole food concentrated supplements to boost his health along with quality food. Perhaps his quality diet, special supplements, and a few chiropractic adjustments assisted our hero in repelling disease when it surrounded him. The vaccinated children caught the disease. Poor stiffs. Vaccinated and sick is a double whammy failure of vaccination. This is an example of why people in the know are questioning the value of vaccines. Vaccines were considered a panacea 50 years ago, but was there marketing way back then to paint a rosy picture of how wonderful vaccines were? You can read the books I reference. Then you will get the full picture.

No scientific study has ever shown that vaccinations have provided long term benefits to the average person. We do know that the incidence of autism has skyrocketed since the advent of high numbers of vaccines being administered to our children. Autism affected 1 in 2 or 3 thousand people in 1968. Today autism affects 1 in 90 and is more than 20 times as prevalent today than years ago. The tragedy of autism is it is a lifelong condition. If your child becomes autistic you will probably be taking care of him for the rest of your life. In New Jersey where more vaccines are required in the very young autism is about 1 in 50. This statistic directly points to vaccines as a major cause of autism. I do not perceive that vaccines are the only cause of autism. You can link vaccines with other toxic chemicals that have skyrocketed in our foods, air, water etc. over the past several decades. Yes, vaccines are a source of toxic chemicals just like pesticides and heavy metal poisoning. In fact various vaccines contain a very toxic form of mercury and mercury is one of the most potent poisons found on planet earth. By legal definition vaccines are classified as “unavoidably unsafe,” which means that they can cause awful side effects. You probably think that these side effects are rare. The pushers of the current legislation to force you onto more vaccines seem to think side effects are rare or perhaps they just do no care what happens to you. What do you think? Perhaps the empire we call the vaccine and drug industry is concerned with “something else” besides our health. If you add this “something else” into the thought process on why vaccines are being pushed so hard by the media who get their major advertising dollars from drug and vaccine manufacturers even when there are so few cases then forcing us to get more vaccines makes perfect sense.
A person in my business club thought 1 in 100 nasty side effects was an acceptable risk. You will have to come up with your own idea of what is acceptable. A medical doctor who was a former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the organization that receives reports from the general public on vaccine side effects wrote in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1993 that he estimated that only 1 % of severe vaccine side effects were ever reported to the FDA. Between 1990 and 2010 over 350,000 severe vaccine side effect reports were filed. If the commissioner’s estimate above is accurate, then over 35 million Americans had severe vaccine side effects in this period. This means that about 10% of the US population alive in that 20 year reporting period had a severe side effect. Remember, many millions had no vaccines at all during this time period. So, for those getting large numbers of vaccines the risk is actually between 10 and 20%. Is a 1 in 10 or a 1 in 5 chance of getting a severe vaccine reaction acceptable to you? Remember the commissioner’s report was available to hundreds of thousands of medical doctors in their most important and most prestigious professional publication.
When a pediatrician or pharmacist or anyone else administering vaccines gets the vaccines, there are contraindications in writing in the vaccine packages. The administering doctor or nurse should professionally be aware of what the vaccine manufacturers say about each vaccine. These written package inserts inform the vaccine administrator that these vaccines can cause dozens of permanent injuries following vaccination including brain damage, paralysis, anaphylactic shock, seizure disorders, and death. What have you been told by people administering vaccines to you or your children as far as safety goes? 
In Los Angeles several decades ago there were 4056 reported cases of measles. This is back in the day when measles was still common. A massive vaccine program was instituted in LA. Following the heavy vaccination of the general public the next year there were 13,912 cases of measles reported. Should we start a new measles vaccination campaign today? You might ask why measles is so rare today. You probably ASSUME it is because of heavy vaccination over decades for measles. Assuming things can be dangerous. Have you ever experienced that assuming something can be very unpleasant for you? I have. History can provide a workable truth so you do not have to stand on the shaky ground of assumption. Diphtheria killed 40,000 people a year at the beginning of 1900. In 1948 when a vaccine was broadly administered the death rate was down to 40 the year before vaccination. Polio had peaked before the polio vaccine was administered. In some European countries the vaccine was not publicly administered yet in these countries polio disappeared just like it did in this country. The same happened for measles.

Diseases like polio and small pox have had a name change. The diseases still exist but are called something else. That is an easy way to get rid of a disease. Then vaccine manufacturers can claim what a fabulous success a vaccine was. In 1958 polio was redefined as aseptic meningitis. Remember the book on totalitarian societies titled 1984? Many of us read it in high school back in the 1960s and 70s. In this totalitarian society there were 3 ministries that ruled the United States. Each ministry had a slogan. Freedom is Slavery is one slogan, another War is Peace. Polio is Aseptic Meningitis. Yes, the ideas in this book were used to misinform you in the world of vaccines. Personally, I do not want to live in a society like the one described in 1984. Who would want such a society? 
I have presented you with a handful of facts representing less than 1% of the facts presented in the 3 books referenced below. Further, the books give a more complete context than I had room to present here so you get the full story reading the books. You are free to send this article to your friends and I hope you do. Or read the books below and send out your own articles. Get on your political representatives to shut this measles scare down into the dust where it belongs. Stay vigilant on the subject of vaccines. You cannot sue a medical doctor or a vaccine manufacturer for any side effect you or yours may experience from a vaccine. These rights have already been taken away from you by the US Congress back in the late 1980s in their misguided attempt to make vaccines more available. The accumulated facts I told you about above and the ones in the books below were not known by congressmen or the general public nor most medical doctors in the past. All these people have limited information on the these facts. Not until the early 21st century up until the present has the full body of information even been available. A few well informed people know. Some people in wealthier communities in California are well informed. This is almost certainly why we see fewer people in these areas getting fully vaccinated. California in general has always been more on the cutting edge of health advances and so we are seeing the change here. Let’s get these facts out and see a healthier and freer civilization as a result.
The data in this article was gathered from the 1968 article on measles in the Encyclopedia Britannica, but primarily from Vaccine Epidemic How Corporate Greed, Biased Science, and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, and Our Children edited by Louise Kuo Habakus, M.A. and Mary Holland, J.D. This book contains approximately 28 authors from medical doctors to researchers and professionals in various fields. An earlier book whose first edition appeared in 1999 and is now in its updated 10th or so edition is titled The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination I$ Not Immunization by Tim O’Shea D.C. Another book is Vaccination Examining the Record by Judith DeCava. A great thing to do is start talking to people about vaccination side effects they or their friends have experienced.

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