This is a condition that tends to appear with age. I have seen ads on TV targeting women, so this condition is probably more common with women. The dictionary defines incontinent as the inability to control the excretory functions. While most solutions are aimed at catching the excretion, improved control can be achieved with certain nutritional supplements. In general, these supplements tone up muscle or kidney/bladder function. Makes sense does it not? So, by reducing incontinence we can perk up heart function. What? I thought you were talking about incontinence. I was but the heart and the bladder control are muscular in nature so when you address incontinence to some degree you are also addressing heart function. As you know our bodies are holistic in nature and hence when you address them in a holistic way you can get a broader holistic benefit. 

There is also kidney/bladder detox and rejuvenation. This is different than simple muscle control. Certainly, if you get pain in the upper low back, are prone to bladder infections, have burning with urination, have one of your ankles swollen, have a below normal GFR on blood tests then the kidney and bladder need to also be addressed. GFR stands for Glomerulo-filtration rate. The glomerulous is part of the filtering apparatus of the kidney.

Being in great health is possible but like anything worthwhile it has to be worked for. Good eating habits and the right supplements can help you with your kidneys. Again, we can assist you in a positive direction. 

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Dr. Mike Spearman

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