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What we know about rejuvenating physical health is expanding regularly. I go to several professional seminars each year and learn what the latest research is showing. For example microcirculation, which is important to all body function but particularly important to eye health, kidney health and memory health, is a new topic and what works well and why was in a recent seminar. We have a product that is guaranteed to reduce hot flashes or your money back through the manufacturer.  

You can take advantage of this offer to meet me or get reacquainted and get a health symptom addressed. Addressing a symptom is useful. Achieving great health is a regular pursuit. I would love to see each of you at the top of your health game. The Fountain of Youth, at least in human terms, is available in this day and age.

Common symptoms patients encounter are:

* You wake up tired and energy improves later in day
* You wake up stiff in the joints which eases as the day continues
* You wake up tired and stay tired
* Failing memory
* Mentally not as sharp
* Dribbling of urine
* Vaginal dryness and lowered sex drive
* Hair loss in women or men
* Loss of sex drive in men
* Irregular heart beat (arrhythmia)
* Atrial Fibrillation
* High Blood Pressure
* Slow heart rate
* Fast heart rate
* Heart valve prolapse
* Congestive heart failure
* Air hunger
* Hot Flashes
* Loss of taste for meat
* Sugar cravings
* Gas a couple hours after eating

If you have any of these or some other symptoms, let’s find a way to reduce or eliminate them. Each of these may resolve with specialized nutrition supplements along with a healthy diet. The following symptoms are common chiropractic symptoms. Dr. Spearman can check you on these but adjustments incur the normal fees:

* Headache
* Neck pain
* Jaw pain or trouble opening your mouth fully
* Arm, wrist or hand pain
* Upper, mid or lower back pain
* Rib pain
* Hip or buttocks pain
* Knee or ankle or foot pain

All of these chiropractic ailments are regularly handled quickly in one to several chiropractic adjustments.  Come in for a free symptom check on your body.
       * Chiropractic adjustments are not included in this offer.

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